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Lumiode, Inc.


TFT Design and Modeling Engineer


About Us: Lumiode is a fast growing, fabless semiconductor company commercializing a novel micro-LED platform delivering ultra-high brightness, low power, small form factor displays. As a leading developer of monolithic micro-LED displays, our integration of thin film transistors (TFTs) and micro-LEDs is well suited for AR/MR, head-up display (HUD) and other consumer, industrial and automotive display applications.

Position Description: We are looking for an experienced display TFT device and array design & modeling engineer. The ideal candidate should be skilled in performing TFT TCAD simulation, SPICE compact model extraction, array RC extraction, and array operation simulation. Candidates should be able to translate microfabrication process parameters into realistic TCAD simulation inputs and also contribute to circuit design for the driving and measurement of arrayed micro-LED display. We are looking for a self-motivated team player who is into hands-on work and who can handle all levels of engineering challenges from our technical team. Responsibilities include:

  • Use TCAD based software and process simulator to build TFT and LED models

  • Manage TCAD models and calibrate with hardware test data

  • Predict device performance from correlated process parameters and TCAD model parameters, coordinated with the process team and provide recommendations

  • Develop SPICE compact models for TFT through hardware test data extraction and manage SPICE models at different levels of process development

  • Develop SPICE array models and perform RC parameter extractions at both the pixel and display level to understand timing delays, power consumption, and other attributes of various drive schemes for Lumiode’s micro-LED displays

  • Perform DC and AC simulations and timing analysis for both the pixel circuit and display level circuit and help to develop optimized drive schemes for different applications

  • Participate in pixel design/layout, display design/layout, and corresponding spec development

  • Act as the contact window to simulation tools vendor for software support and maintenance


Key Requirements:

  • M.S. in Electrical Engineering with at least 5 years work experience in device simulation

  • Strong background in solid-state device physics and analog circuit design

  • Experience in using semiconductor TCAD 2D, 3D modeling and layout tools such as Silvaco (preferred) or Synopsis, Mentor Graphics, Cadence or Tanner, SPICE

  • Ability to perform computer modelling and simulation using SPICE

  • Understanding of typical TFT and panel fab processes

  • Experience with TFT and solid state device array related design and modeling

  • Bonus points for experience in measuring and characterizing I-V and C-V of TFT and LED devices

  • Bonus points for experience with power circuits, measurement circuits, and display row and column driver IC designs


How to Apply:

Simply email us a resume and a cover letter including a description of previous roles and your experience. Tell us a little about yourself and why you’re interested!

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